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Red Carpet Relevance

As we check out of any supermarket and many department stores, we’re surrounded by celebrity images, smiling from the covers of glossy magazines. I know that it’s easy to wonder about how those celebrities are relevant to our daily lives. After all, many people may never have the opportunity to walk an awards show red […]

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Beautiful Bella Luce

Happy 21st Anniversary, Bella Luce! To celebrate this monumental milestone, JTV is debuting its exclusive Bella Luce® Diamond Simulants featuring Color Swarovski® Zirconia! These stunning rings feature Arctic Blue, Fancy Purple and Fancy Yellow Swarovski® Zirconia and create a spectacular look. These perfectly saturated colors and sophisticated cuts inspired by Swarovski’s distinguished history place Swarovski® Zirconia in […]

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New Exciting Designs

And all at once, summer collapsed into Fall…and it’s a new season! A new season means we have the perfect opportunity to do something new, something bold, and something beautiful. It’s difficult for me to choose a single season as my favorite, because each one brings its own beauty and charm that I treasure.  September has always […]