Red Carpet Relevance

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Michael O’Connor – Making Red Carpet Relevant

As we check out of any supermarket and many department stores, we’re surrounded by celebrity images, smiling from the covers of glossy magazines. I know that it’s easy to wonder about how those celebrities are relevant to our daily lives. After all, many people may never have the opportunity to walk an awards show red carpet. But the way those celebrities look and the way they are styled is relevant in many ways. Celebrities help influence what becomes popular and in style. Fashion and lifestyle magazines devote numerous pages to what celebrities wear for this very reason. Additionally, if you notice, more time is spent at the awards shows on the fashion coverage than on the awards themselves!

For years I’ve worked helping celebrities get ready for the red carpets of the most important awards shows in the world. Additionally, I’ve worked in the television media that covers these red carpets, talking to celebrities about their style and about their jewelry. It’s my belief that although we may not walk a red carpet, we all want to look our best no matter where we’re going – red carpet or not. I also believe that each of us should feel special and be the star of our own day and that’s why it was important to me that the pieces that I designed were not only affordable, but that they made the person wearing them feel special, perhaps like a celebrity.

image001(Kate Flannery from The Office pictured above)

This month, I’m in final preparation, pulling items together to style celebrities with. There are a couple of popular trends that I’ll be concentrating on, which will be very similar to the ones I’m presenting in my August 8 and 9 shows. So whether it’s for a red carpet or simply the desire to always look your best, here are three top trends for this season with pieces that can be worn daily to amp up your own star quality!


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